Review for real knowledge. Train for real skills.

Tip the scale in your favor.

Class Schedule and Venue

* Classes will be held on consecutive Sundays or Saturdays or breaks will be  
introduced into the schedule depending on the date of the actual exam. We target  
to finish the course 2-3 weeks before the test. Students MUST be available for  
these days.

** Classes may be held half-days some days and whole days on others.

Why prepare for the UPLAE?

Arenít high grades enough to get you into the UP College of  
Law? Or, are  your not-so-high grades a sure let-down?

Apparently not. Some honor graduates have failed the  
admissions process because they didnít make the cut-off of  
the UPLAE. But, many non-honor graduates have been  
known to pass because they made the cut-off score. The  
GPA evaluation came later.

Unjust? No. It actually makes sense. Law studies may  
appeal to many, but few actually are fit for the course.

The UPLAE does NOT mean the "UP Law Admissions  
Examination", though it might as well be that. It is the UP  
Law Aptitude Examination, which aims to measure your  
fitness for law school.
An aptitude for law studies is characterized by a high level of  
verbal proficiency, superior reading comprehension and  
logical reasoning skills, and, yes, good mathematical  
reasoning ability.  The UPLAE is meant to test if you have  
these skills, your grades merely confirm if you have the  
ability to learn.

The UPLAE is a ranking exam (only top performers are  
admitted), but the skills tested are susceptible to training. So,  
whether you want to gain the advantage, or simply want to  
maintain your lead, make sure you prepare to the max.  

UP LAW beckons.  Let us help you get there.

Section Days* Time** Start Date Venue
A1 Saturdays 8AM-12NN; 8AM-5PM October 14 BRAINS-Quezon Avenue
A2 Sundays 8AM-12NN; 8AM-5PM
October 15 BRAINS-Quezon Avenue
Designed by two-time UPLAE topnotcher and curriculum expert
Ms. Lyn Dimaano, our new program boasts of the best faculty,
the most complete coverage, and the most intensive
treatment among all the available LAE review programs at this


The BRAINS faculty are selected for their expertise in the area
they teach and their ability to teach. They are specialists, with
years of teaching experience in UP and at BRAINS. This year,
we are joined by one or two faculty members from another top
institution specializing in one aptitude area tested in the exam. 


Standard Written English and Vocabulary, Reading
Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning,
and Critical Thinking

Prepare for the UP LAW in 3 steps.


Module 1 -- This is the 64-hour teach-train-test program that has
helped hundreds of students enter the UP College of Law in the
past years. Conscious that students do not necessarily use the
skills tested in everyday life in the same way as they are used in
the test, we reteach the skills.

Regain or improve your competencies for the test. Redirect your
thinking style to suit the exam and use the drills to make it stick.
With two diagnostic UPLAE simulations, given before and after
the review proper, you know how you stand against competition
and pace yourself accordingly.


Module 2 -- Learn to work accurately and FAST! Take our timed
practice tests and get feedback on the right answers. Apply test
taking tips for choosing the best answers. Your scores improve
with practice and your confidence increases.

12 hours.


Interview Seminar --If you're called for an interview, train for it!
Learn to show them you're the best candidate for admission,
without having to lie or pretend to be who you're not. Our
interview seminar is specifically designed for a prospective UP
Law entrants -- and has delivered excellently for those who took

4-5 hours, FREE.

Module 1 only

Regular - P8,900     Discounted - P8,400

Module 1 and 2 (Single enrollment)

Regular - P9,450     Discounted - P8,950

Module 2 only - P2,500

Non-refundable, non-transferable reservation fee of a minimum of
PHP4,000 is required to reserve.This is deducted from total fees.
The balance is due on or before the start of classes to confirm the

Important: No refunds of fees will be awarded after start of

We open only a small number of classes. Enrollment is on a first
come, first served basis.
***This includes use of the materials, not the materials themselves. Not all materials are allowed for release. Those that are allowed for release are provided free to students.

Some of our materials are strictly for room use only. Therefore, no copies of these are allowed to be made or distributed outside the classroom.
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September 30, 2017.